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Matthew the Dragon knight writes...

Dear Greg, I just wanted to say I'm wishing luck to you and everyone involved with young Justice season 3.
I wanted to ask who are your top 4 favorite robins, and what you like about them.

Greg responds...

Geez, top 4 Robins. How many are there? Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Damien and Carrie, if you count Dark Knight. Harper, if you count Bluebird, right? Throw in a Bat-Girl and some Batgirls, and you've got Bette, Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie again. Then Batwoman's Kate. Nightwing's Dick again. Bette again with Flamebird. Barbara again with Oracle. Stephanie again with Spoiler. Luke. Batwing. Ace the Bat-hound. Bat-mite. Cassandra's Orphan. Azrael. Even Clayface. Wow, when you count 'em up, Batman's a protogee machine, isn't he?

And I'm sure I'm leaving some out.

Response recorded on May 23, 2017