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Paul writes...

Hello, in S1 Episode 23, Red Arrow gets in a fight with Sportsmaster, and despite having his bow broken he seems to do quite well, getting Sportsmaster in a hold before Klarion teleported them away. Was Sportsmaster holding back against Roy (cause he didn't wanna hurt the mole), or is Roy actually good enough to match Sportsmaster in hand to hand? Because it always seemed like Roy wasn't even as good as Cheshire in hand to hand, and he got wrecked by Batman, so just curious. It's not super important, but I like debating who would win type battles, and any extra info helps
Thank you

Greg responds...

I'm so fine with leaving that to one's interpretation.

In any given fight, the tables may turn. Sportsmaster may not have been super-motivated for the reasons you state above. Red Arrow might have been super-motivated for reasons he himself didn't fully comprehend. Or whatever.

Response recorded on August 17, 2017