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Anonymous writes...

Did you choose the 6 six Leaguers who went to Rimbor as like a homage to the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons since they were the core Justice League members on those shows? (I assume you didn't send Flash so you can do the whole Impulse arc)

Also would Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman have been at Rocket's bridal shower had they not been at Rimbor? Or are they not that close to Rocket? (I am wondering because it could be the latter and Canary could have been there because she used to train the team and all so naturally they'd have a closer relationship to her)

Finally, how do the Hawks maintain a secret identity if any at all with these huge wings?

Greg responds...

1. Yes, largely.

2. I'm sure they were invited. It's still a relatively small sorority.

2a. They're not AS close. But they're close enough.

3. You're assuming they have secret identities, to which I say NO SPOILERS.

Response recorded on September 26, 2017