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Regulus writes...

1) Were the Scout Scarabs sent out by the Reach prior to the treaty with the Guardians or would even that have been a violation?

2) Who actually needs to invite the Reach for it to be Guardian official? I imagine UN counts, but would a country's leader be valid to allow them into their controlled territory? Would a private landowner that wanted some friends be able to nullify Green Lantern jurisdiction?

3) Icon (at least) was referred to as the Cooperative Delegation a few times. Assuming that means that Earth was being evaluated for a place among the Collective, were they aware of the Rimbor Incident?

4) Was the Collector of Worlds from one of the worlds he mentioned?

Greg responds...

1. All of the above.

2. I don't know about a small piece of land, but I suppose if Russia or China or the U.S. gave them permission to be on their turf, it would be okay. (Honestly, I haven't thought about it before now.)

3. If by "they" you mean the Collective, then yes.

4. In a way, he was from all of them.

Response recorded on May 17, 2018