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Angel of the Night writes...

Hello, Greg...

Anyway this one questioning has been tugging me at sometime. and I just needed to know the answer to it. So, here it goes:

"Do gargoyles believe in Religon?"

I know it sounds strange.But, I have heard them at times....I think it was Hudson who said."By, the Dragon". Does that mean that the gargoyles DO believe in a higher power. Or if not..would they believe in
human religons' or something like that?

Thanks for your time.


Greg responds...

Try checking out the "Gargoyles Customs" archive for a more complete answer.

The gargoyles have a religion of sorts. It's also slimly possible that some individuals might have in the past or the future believe in a human religion here or there.

ANd I think it was Iago who said, "By the Dragon."

Response recorded on February 15, 2001