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matt writes...

you said that Tom, Katherine, and the Magus tried to raise the eggs in the gargoyle way as best they knew from experience and any information the Magus had, etc.
so, Tom knew that gargoyles don't use names, he had that whole conversation with who would become Brook and Lex (btw, i love this scene) so why did they give the eggs names? were they just too human to resist the temptation? did the three humans all agree to give them names or did one or two of them not want to name the gargs?

Greg responds...

Tom may have objected at first, but with us poor humans, I think it's just too hard. I can't see Katharine having that kind of patience. Even the new improved Katharine. And once she and the Magus starting using them, then Tom and the gargoyles themselves aren't far behind.

Response recorded on June 30, 2001