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Vasy writes...

In long way to morning..i think it is...thone where we first see the archmage...a flashback of hudson's...they are trying to find an antidote to the poison he put on the king///demona, hudson and goliath come across a wall with heiroglyphs...a human killing a gargoyle:
1. what does this mean, is it a saying something of the past or the future
2. who drew the picture
3.is demona involved with this
4. how old is the writing
5.does the archmage know of this
6.does the archmage know of the signifigance of the pictures.

Greg responds...

The Prince, but yeah...
1. Both.
2. Not saying now.
3. Involved? What do you mean?
4. Old.
5. Yes.
6. Yes.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000