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Anonymous writes...

Young Justice Questions:

1. When the Appellaxian invasion occurred on Earth in February 2003, where specifically did the fight between them and the Justice League occurred? Did it happen in Metropolis, Gotham City, or some other location...?

2. In the "Reach Apocalypse" future timeline which Bart Allen came from, was the Light ultimately betrayed by the Reach; thus this would be the reason why humanity was enslaved by the Reach?

3. Will "Young Justice: Outsiders" possibly explain why the timeline did not change the way that the 2056 version of Neutron (Nathaniel Tryon) had expected it to be?

4. What were the exact circumstances of the unspecified disgrace that led to Ocean Master's expulsion from the Light..? Was it because Aquaman had somehow found out that his half-brother was Ocean Master, or was it another reason...?

5. After the events of the second season (especially after defeating his father, Black Manta, in combat) and now becoming the new Aquaman in the third season, will Kaldur'ahm face any difficulties in his new position and will he eventually be able to find a new love interest?

Greg responds...

1. We haven't locked this down. We'd probably refer back to the original JLA comics and keep as much as I could.

2. This isn't something we worked out in any detail.

3. He assumed that Mount Justice would be rendered whole. But we know why it was not.

4. No spoilers.

5. By now, you should know the answers to this. If I had answered it at the time, I would have said: No Spoilers.

Response recorded on July 23, 2021