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Pablo Torres writes...

Hey, Greig, first, big fan of the show, the comic and the game. I love this universe and it always fill me with joy when it expands. And I love that we finally got season 3.
Now my question is about Traci Thurston aka Thirteen
1) How old is she?
2) I know she’s based on Traci 13, but is she also based on Jinx from Teen Titans as well, given she has magical bad luck
3) Is she dating Blue Beetle, or will she start dating Blue in the series? (I loved their relationship in the comics, before the New 52, and I know in Rebirth she was made into an LGBT character, but I always prefer Traci with Jaime)

Greg responds...

1. At the END of TEAM YEAR NINE, Traci is 17.

2. I'm not that familiar with Jinx. So that wasn't in my head. Maybe it was in Brandon's.

3. They're dating throughout Season Three, which doesn't meant she isn't LGBTQ+.

Response recorded on July 23, 2021