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Anonymous writes...

Dark Ages
Why is it that most of the main gargoyle cast of Dark Ages survived to the modern age in one form or another (Goliath and Hudson slept for a thousand years in stone, Demona was given immortality and Iago, Othello and Desdemona were resurrected by Demona) with the exception of Hudson's mate and Hippolyta? I mean I just find it a little bit weird that ¾ of the main characters survived making it seem massacre was nothing since most of the main characters we know survived.

Greg responds...

You're looking at it from a skewed point of view.

I thought you'd be MOST interested in seeing the prequel adventures of the characters you know best and slowly introducing you to more. At any rate, that's the way I feel like exploring the past.

How that could make the massacre 'nothing' doesn't make any sense to me. Was it nothing when you first saw it in "Awakening, Part One" when you literally didn't know ANYONE who was destroyed except Demona -- who really wasn't?

Almost all creative work focuses on specific individual characters and the impact of events on their lives.

Response recorded on November 06, 2001