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JDH writes...

1. Dick mentions that Geo-Force's suit was designed by Fire (of the Justice League). However, Fire wasn't in the League meeting in Outsiders episode 1, & if she is with the other half of the League in space, how can she design Brion's suit?

2. Does being an ambassador for Themyscira & Atlantis, prevent Troia or Garth from superheroics, as a potential conflict of interest?

3. Do you consider Spoiler & Orphan to be Batman's latest Proteges?

4. How long has Orphan been active as a crime fighter?

Kind regards,

Greg responds...

1. Long distance.

2. That's not how they're living their lives, but I'm sure if they saw a problem they'd step up.

3. Two of them.

4. No spoilers.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021