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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg!

OK so you planned on making Sora Yama's mate?? well then..

1) I know that you stated that there wasnt anything really in the episode Bushido to show that one way or the other. But I did notice that When they went to roost, Kai and Sora were next to eachother while Yama was way on the other end. Was that just an accident? Or at the time were you (or others) leaning twords her being Kai's mate?

2) Since you were planning on for sure making Sora Yama's mate, then how do you think you would have explained the fact that Yama was going to leave to do the whole 'BadGuys' thing? Was he just gonna be like, "Well, I gots to do what I gots to do, seeya babe." Or..would she come along for the ride or..?:)

and 3) Dose Kai have a mate?
3.5) Did we see her in the Ep?
4) Or was she just ..well not designed yet?

Oh..and if something like this was explained during that lil pencil animated thing at the gathering (for Badguys) forgive my stinky memory. Thanks

Greg responds...

1) No. I was never leaning toward Kai being Sora's mate. Kai is one of her rookery-fathers. And Yama was just in a bad mood.

2) Yama was banished by the clan as a result of "Bushido"... until he could redeem himself. ("The Redemption Squad" was my original name for BAD GUYS.) That enforced distance between Yama and Sora would create some nice romantic obstacles. It makes for good stories.

3) I'm not sure.

3.5) I'm not sure.

4) I'm not sure.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000