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Vashkoda writes...

You just revealed that the Xanadu clan is the other contemporary clan. You also previously mentioned that Brooklyn would find Fu-Dog in China during his travels. Which makes me wonder.....

1a) Does the Gate bring Brooklyn to present-day (or at least what would be the present relative to the "Gargoyles" show time-line) China? b) If not the present, around which period would it be (ancient, medieval, future, etc), on each (if there's more than one) of the occassions Brook would travel to China?

2a) Is Xanadu the only Chinese location the Gate brings Brook to? (assuming it even takes him to Xanadu). 2b) Does Brooklyn find Fu-dog in Xanadu, or in another Chinese clan?

3a) Around what age would Fu-dog be when Brook first finds him? (I think you said he wasn't a puppy) b) Did Fu-dog leave a mate or any progeny behind when he left with Brooklyn?

4) Do the Ishimura, Korea, and Xanadu clans know about each other?

5) In the contest, you didn't give credit for listing Beijing as the home of the Xanadu clan, even though that's where Kublai Khan had his capital--which is the place some believe Coleridge's "Xanadu" referred to. So my question is--where (approximately) in China *is* Xanadu?

6) Dragons play a big role in Chinese (and many other) mythologies. Are these legends simply based on gargoyles and their beasts--who may resemble dragons, on fey who chose to assume dragon form, or on a separate species all-together?

Greg responds...

1a. Maybe.

1b. Maybe all of the above. Or not.

2a. Forty years is a long dance. I don't pretend to have all forty years plotted out exactly.

2b. Xanadu.

3a. I said I never said he was a puppy.

3b. Can't say. Or won't.

4. Perhaps.

5. Not in Beijing.

6. Greg has left the building.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000