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Priscilla writes...

I'd previously asked this:

"So, it's established in Season 1 that M'gann has twelve sisters. The tie-in comics (issue 6, if I remember correctly) state that she had seventeen brothers. So, including M'gann herself, that would make thirty kids, right?

M'comm essentially says in season 3 that their parents had 29 children. Was the figure stated in the comics incorrect?"

There's an error- M'comm stated that in Season 4, actually (in "Needful"). Sorry for the hassle, Greg.

Greg responds...

J'ann and M'aatt have 29 children. Twelve sisters, including Em'ree and M'gann. Seventeen brothers, including M'comm. I thought we'd been consistent about this. I know I tried very hard to be consistent about this. But apparently, I blew it. OR... Miss Martian messed up when she said she had twelve sisters. She MEANT to say she has eleven sisters, but there were twelve sisters total, including herself.

So it's not so much that I'm bad at addition. It's that M'gann mispoke once. I think we can forgive her.

Response recorded on November 17, 2021