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Shamrock Holmes writes...

1. To clarify a previous question about actions that Kaldur and Artemis took while undercover, I was particularly thinking about Kaldur setting off the bomb and killing a lot of Kroloteans and destroying the satellite and and both of them generally assisting in kidnapping and complicity in what happened to the kids while in Reach custody.

2. You've previously confirmed that several of the group (Mera, Artur) that appeared in "Home Fires" have designations are there any adults or kids of that group that don't?

3. Has some or all of the group met before?

4. When did John Smith take in Traya?

Greg responds...

1. I'm sorry, what was the question?

2. No spoilers.

3. The "Home Fires" group? Yes. All of them, for the most part. That wasn't the first playdate ever.

4. No spoilers.

Response recorded on November 19, 2021