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Roy harper fan writes...

1: Roy harper has been raised on a native american/Indian reservation in multiple several of his backstories, it was really central to his character post crisis where he even got a Traditional tribal tattoo. So I was wondering if that's the case on Eartg 16? Just to clarify Roy isn't ethnically Native in the comics, he was just raised near by and then on the reservation following his dad's death before he enter Olllie's

2: Speaking of which what year did Roy become Ollie's ward/enter his care?

3: Did either Black canary have any kid of connection to the justice society like being trained by wildcat? Hopefully you can answer, I think it's not too spoiler.

4: Was there any superhero teams that debuted in between the justice society and the justice league?

5: Was there any names that Will harper thought of using when before he decides on Will?
5b: Did he go with will since it was easier and his middle name?

Greg responds...

1. No spoilers. To clarify policy here, if the answer to a question in essence requires me to tell a story, then that's a story to be told (in flashback, in this case), and I'm not going to spoil that story here, even if I have no IMMEDIATE plans to tell that story.

2. 2007.

3. No spoilers. See above for why.

4. No spoilers.

5. Not really. Going with his middle name just made sense.

Response recorded on January 24, 2022