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Patrick writes...

1: Who were the founding members of the doom patrol?

2: Is Negative woman still Russian? She didn't sound Russian in Beast boy's vision

3: When did Rita and Steve get together? Was it after or before the founding of the doom patrol?

4: Did Rita's power come with any drawbacks? I always disliked that the one female member was the Normal one while the guys were "freaks".

5: Did Gar view Steve as a father before the death of the doom patrol?

Greg responds...

1. Chief. Negative Woman. Robotman. Mento.

2. Yes, she's Russian.

3. Team Year Two.

3a. After.

4. Everything has drawbacks. My ability to eat very large quantities of the foods I love has drawbacks.

5. I think I'll leave that to your interpretation.

Response recorded on January 24, 2022