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Liam L writes...

Can I just say that I love your decision to keep Mars a populated plant! I'm so glad we finally got to see it this season. I think the world building was incredibly interesting, so I have a few or well more than a few questions.

1: Are the other castes able to sense what a Y'ellonn former caste was? Are Y'ellonn of a higher caste respected more than a lower one?

2: Is becoming a sorcerer priest the only way to learn magic on Mars? Are the other ways legal?

3: if there's a different way to learn magic, is there a difference between the priesthood magic and the alternatives or is it mostly the same?

4: Is a red martian joining the priest hood common?

5: Do Y'ellonn permanently lose their shape-shifting ability? Or do they still still have shape-shifting but every transformation they remain yellow?

Greg responds...

1. Technically, yes. But it's considered very bad form to even try. Y'ellonsn are all equally Y'ellonn. Former-Caste no longer matters.

2. No. But that's the traditional route.

2a. Legal? As long as one's not doing anything illegal WITH the magic, I suppose it's all legal.

3. All magicks have their signature, but all magic is still fundamentally the same thing.

4. Percentage-wise, as common as the other castes, but there are fewer reds, so their are fewer taking the Y'ellonn.

5. The latter, though I imagine they have less reason or need to shapeshift.

Response recorded on January 24, 2022