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Liam writes...

1: Is a child of a B'lahdenn still treated as a Noble if they come out white or green?

2: Are all martians born with the psychic powers and the ability to shape-shifting? Are the ones born without discriminated or treated negatively?

3: Are some A'ashenn grey or all of them white? This is inspired by your latest answer and your wish that you made the (A'ashenn all grey.

4: Did any martians travel to earth before
J'onn J'onzz? Did they inspire earth's myths of the Greys and little green men or other alien tales.

5: Did J'onn J'onzz always present as a black man? What was his decision for doing so?
5b: Does J'onn have multiple identities that he uses?

Greg responds...

1. In depends how conservative one's family is. If it's very conservative, the act of marrying a G'arrunn or an A'ashenn would disqualify you from still being considered a true B'lahdenn. An extremely liberal family wouldn't, in theory, care about caste at all. But, if we're speaking generally, then I suppose the answer is no. If you're visibly A'ashenn or G'arrunn, you're not B'lahdenn.

2. Yes.

2a. I don't know if there are any without, but you can imagine if there were what kind of reception they'd get.

3. Uh... I guess they're all white. (Or maybe it depends on the lighting or the filter on your camera.)

4. No spoilers.

5. No spoilers.

5b. I'm not saying he's NEVER used another identity, but he's fundamentally stuck with John Jones.

Response recorded on January 24, 2022