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Emily writes...

1: Is alan scott"s ring simply a damage green lantern corp ring or is it also magical in nature too?
2: Is alan scott a gay or bi man on earth 16? Recently comics out the classic alan scoot who was in ww21 and father of obsidian and jade
3: Is Cassandra savage a original character? Or was she inspired by a preexisting character?
3b: If she is original, why name her Cassandra when there is already Cassandra cain and sandsmark present ?
4: When did the first Black Canary start operating?
5: When did Steel/John start operating as a superhero?

Greg responds...

1. The former.

2. No spoilers.

3. She's inspired by Scandal Savage.

3b. We weren't the first to go this route. We were following the Arrowverse. And besides, it just seemed to make sense. It felt like the closest thing to Scandal that was an actual name.

4. 1964.

5. Team Year Six.

Response recorded on January 25, 2022