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shalkaofwar writes...

Few questions after The Tale of Two Sisters-
1. So this not really me asking for a spoiler just trying to understand what Cassandra claimed to be her timeline to the team, So she said that after Olympia's death she tried to defect but as punishment was forced to serve as a member of the shadows but then she also said that she had to return to Santa Prisca. Does that mean according to her story she was initially on Santa Prisca with the Shadows training but wasn't exactly a shadow herself and then tried to defect but was caught by Vandal and thus lost one arm. I am a bit confused by this wording especially the use of the word 'return'.
2. Who is the girl with Artemis and Halo in the beginning of the episode when we see Artemis's daily life before she finds about Conner's death.
3. The whole Tale of Two cities end credit scene is an interesting choice especially when those words are about death and resurrection (I am pretty sure it also signifies resurrection) whose idea was it to add this as an end credit thing.
4. Is it valid to say this season is spelling out some sentence too especially since so far we have the words INVIT and the future episode titles contain A,T,I as the opening letter of the episodes.
I really liked this episode and the whole literature theme in this story is pretty cool all in all. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Greg responds...

1. I think you're trying to compress events too much, and that's what's causing your confusion. Cassandra trained with the Shadows, which is where she met Tara Markov. Then she went to intern with her dad and older sister on Warworld. Then after Olympia's funeral, she returned to the Shadows, where I would think you saw her confer with both Lady Shiva and Deathstroke (Batman certainly saw her.) She also worked briefly with Lex Luthor on his little Bwandan thing.

Then, according to her story, the death of Olympia at her father's hands and the revelation about her mother and her mother's family made her think more and more about getting out. So she attempted to escape. Was caught. Was punished. Was returned to Santa Prisca to continue her training with the Shadows. Then, she escaped again and managed to find her way to Tigress and the Team.
2. Mist. (I mean, look at her. She's all misty!)

3. I don't think it is about resurrection, personally. I think it's about living on in the memories of those that survive you. But I'm not here to debate interpretations of Charles Dickens, and your interpretation may be just as valid as mine.

3a. It was Brandon's idea to use literature quotations for the second arc's end credits. I chose that specific quotation for this episode.

4. It is valid to say that.

Response recorded on January 28, 2022