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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In the opening for "Young Justice: Outsiders," each of the main characters have their designation numbers; which are shown changing from what they were when they first started to what they are in the present. However, in the case of Zatanna (who had three designation numbers throughout the series), for some reason, it is somewhat hard to see the altering designation numbers inside her "Z" character symbol; while the rest of the characters' designation numbers can be seen easily in comparison. Is there any specific reason for this?

Greg responds...

I assume your talking about Phantoms, rather than Outsiders. I have seen the main title many times, and I haven't had any particular problem reading Zatanna's three designation numbers. Certainly, it doesn't seem any more difficult than catching anyone else's numbers. At least not to me. In any case, all three of her numbers have been used on the show and aren't a secret. She was A-03, then B-08, then 25.

Response recorded on February 03, 2022