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Crossoverparinglover writes...

This is something I was wondering about when thinking about S3 of YJ, where the League and heroes seems to be in a more stable popularity position than in S2, for example, though not as popular as they were in S1, but is the Justice League more popular in, for lack of a better way of putting it, free and moral countries?

...There is no better way of putting it than that. Biyalia is ruled by Queen Bee. Rhelesia's ambassador is a Wildstorm villain and was united by The Light, the African country has a Birds of Prey villain as dictator, and Russia...well regardless of how you see it I think 'the Superman is American' is a phrase.

These countries are where distrust of the League seems most prominent, which seems like that Lex was basically able to use a combination of countries who don't want stronger people overthrowing them (the dicatorships), and/or those who don't really like America (Russia) to hamper the League. If this distrust was widespread, IDK, I feel like there would be a different vibe.

If Superman stopped anywhere in America, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Botswanna, etc, I suspect he'd be recieved warmly. The Justice League liked. Etc etc. The dislike is something that is more or less maintained in public eye by where bad actors can use power (U.N) and some level of public relations astroturphing, with a bit of help by Reach-based damages and a possibly outdated public relations apparatus for the Justice League.

Or am I a bit rosy and if, say, Superman stopped in the wrong part of America or Canada he'd get beer bottles thrown at him even in S3.

Greg responds...

Superman's popularity in America is pretty self-evident. But overall, the League's popularity was way down at the beginning of Season Three, though the factors you mention above certainly played a roll. It had improved significantly by the end of the season.

Response recorded on February 04, 2022