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Crossoverparinglover writes...

When Batman took to forming 'Batman Incorporated' during S3, did he have a selection criteria with his team? I kind of noticed his initial wave was mostly non-powered heroes and the former criminal Plastic Man, which seems to imply at least part of his thinking was 'how do I minimize anti-metahuman reactions'.

Were there any heroes he approached who declined but agreed to keep quiet about it?

As Metamorpho was not listed by the U.N, he was not a League member right? If he was not a league member, was there a reason for it?

(I assume that asking 'is he one now' is SPOILER, unless this gets answered after that is revealed)

Greg responds...

1. Batman asked heroes he reasonably thought would join, basically.

2. No. Everyone he asked said yes, except Black Lightning.

3. Metamorpho wasn't in the Justice League at that time.

Response recorded on February 07, 2022