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Liam writes...

1: Was sensei using Rako's sword during season 3? Or was it a sword made in a similar matter?
2: Are mallah and brain a couple? I saw you didn't answer this before which I'm guessing you didn't since you didn't want them to be the first gay couple in YJ. I always thought that was weird but it fit the vibe and strangeness of the doom patrol plus we have other gay and bi characters in young justice now, so as a gay guy I wouldn't be offend but who knows about who else.
4: Was Ultra-Humanite a enemey of the justice society or all-star squadron? He was born in 1918 afterall.
5: Is queen bee's name beatriz? Something else?
5b: Would beatriz be her sister then?

Greg responds...

1. It was the same sword.

2. It's a spoiler question.

3. There was no number 3.

4. Yes and Yes.

5. Honestly not sure.

5b. See above.

Response recorded on February 08, 2022