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Mark writes...

Summit is easily one of my favourite episodes of Young Justice's second season, in part because it shows perhaps the single most unambiguous victory by the Team over the Light. Even Vandal Savage admits it is the biggest blow to his plans in his long lifetime.

However, now having seen Season 3, it is somewhat unclear how much of a real impact that victory actually had. The Light wanted a way to weaponise and exploit the metagene, and they got it. They got control of the Warworld. They were already (secretly) acting against the Reach, indicating that their partnership would be short-lived even without the Team's interference. Some members of the Light were apprehended, but the remaing members carried on and replaced them.

I was wondering if you could perhaps say a little about what the Light lost as a result of the Team's actions. Was there more they wanted from the Reach that they did not get?

Greg responds...

The short answer is yes.

Response recorded on February 14, 2022