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Denis writes...

Hello, Greg. Before I ask my question, I'd like to pay my respects to how Spectacular Spider-Man turned out. I watched it when I was in school and after watching it as an adult, I can say that it was really spectacular.
However, one thing that saddened me as a kid and broke my heart as an adult was how unfairly Peter treated Liz Allan. It was sad, but what saddened me more was that we unfortunately never found out how these events would have affected Liz further, because I think this is a very interesting character whose development and changes I enjoyed watching, and I don't remember anyone having thought that deeply about this character.
My question is this: did you have plans to develop this character in other seasons and how do you yourself feel about Liz?
I'd love to hear your answer.

Greg responds...

I think Liz is a fascinating character and a pretty damned decent human being. We did have plans for her going forward.

Response recorded on February 14, 2022