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Nick writes...

Hi, Greg! Hope the final stretch of PHANTOMS production is going as well as can be. I'm absolutely loving the episodes so far!

I had a quick question after watching "Tale of Two Sisters" for the fifth time though, as I realized that this is the second episode in S3/S4 where we've seen Paula Crock visiting Will and Artemis's house in Star City. Last we saw, she lived in Gotham.

If it's not too spoilery, I was wondering if:

A. Paula lives in Star City now?
B. Paula has an A-designation? (Not asking for what it is, just if she has one.)
C. Paula simply takes the occasional cross-country flight to visit her daughter?

Greg responds...

A. Yep.

B. That feels like a spoiler question.

C. No, she moved to Star City.

Response recorded on February 16, 2022