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Playdate Questions! writes...

Hello, Greg! I have some questions regarding the super-playdate we saw in the Home Fires episode of YJ: Outsiders.

1. How did Mera, Artur, Lois, Jonny, and co. arrive at the West-Allen home? I believe you answered in a previous question that they used zeta tubes, but how did they get from said-zeta tube to the house? Does Mera know how to drive? Did they Uber? Establishing shots didn't show any parked cars around the house, so I'm curious how everyone arrived.
2. How did Ocean-Master know the playdate would be happening on that day? It's clear from his set-up in the adjacent house that he's been keeping an eye on the West-Allen house for a while, but can the same be said for all the attendees? How did he know the playdate would be at that house instead of, say, Will's?
3. I loved seeing how much resemblance the kids have to their parents (Artur to Orin, Don to Barry, Dawn to Iris and Barry, Jonny to Clark), and it reminded me of a question asked long ago (I believe to Jerome K. Moore, but it might've been Phil Bourassa) about the decision to have Lian have red hair instead of the black despite being a fourth-Vietnamese. Did the character artists decide how much resemblance each youngster would have to their parent, or did you and Brandon have that worked out beforehand? For example, did you plan on Don being an adorable mini-Barry or was that the artist's decision? Moving forward to Phantoms, was the same line of thinking applied to Damian as shown in Episode 5's Tale of Two Sisters?
4. In the episode, Will shows relief when John arrives with Traya as he's another father in a sea of mothers. Is this to imply that Barry, Jeff, Orin, and Clark are often too busy with League business to attend the playdates? Or was that mainly in reference to THAT specific playdate?
5. Was there a reason Mal didn't join Karen at the playdate? This one could very well be a spoiler request, but it did strike me as odd considering Karen's eagerness to join the playdate club.

Anyways, thank you in advance! This was one of my favorite episodes of the season and I'm thoroughly loving Phantoms! I hope you're enjoying your day!

Greg responds...

1. I'm thinking cabs or Uber or Lyft. I'm thinking that now, cuz I never bothered thinking about it before now.

2. If you're eavesdropping, you get intel.

3. It's usually a discussion between Brandon, myself and the character designers.

4a. It might imply that, yes.

4b. At minimum, yes.

5. Let's assume he was otherwise occupied.

Response recorded on February 17, 2022