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Karrin Blue writes...

Some questions about living arrangements!

1. Does Tara still live at the Premiere Building, and does Gregor live there too, or did they move out after she was put in his custody?
2. Did Paula move out to Star City?
3. If so, has she moved into Artemis and Will's home, or does she live nearby? It seems like she was there rather later
4. Did Artemis move in with Will before or after Jade left?
5. Does the Premiere Building have secret entrances and exits? If it's public record Garfield lives there, or owns the building, then I'd expect paparazzi to always be hanging around the building - and if any of the more distinctive members of the Outsiders were seen leaving the place, it seems like everyone would put together that they live there quickly (and would get suspicious of Team members too)

Greg responds...

1. No. Tara moved in with Gregor. Neither of them currently live at the Premiere Building. Gregor never lived there.

2. I know I've answered this before, but yes.

3. She lives close by, but it's a three bedroom house, with a room each for Artemis, Will and Lian. Paula doesn't live there. When Tara and Violet lived there, they stayed in the living room.

4. After.

5. Does a Zeta-Tube count as a secret entrance? Basically, there are three ways into the two-story penthouse: via Zeta-Tube, via the roof's helipad, or via the elevator from the lobby. On the ground floor, there's the front entrance and a loading dock/rear entrance.

Response recorded on February 23, 2022