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Anonymous writes...

1. How old is Hart?
2. How old is Hauser?
3. How old is Jeremiah?
4. How old is John Smith?
5. How old is Karen?

Greg responds...

1. Hart was born in 1985.

2. Hauser was born in 1974.

3. Jeremiah was born in 1990.

4. I'm not sure how to answer this one. Red Tornado was first built in 1948. The android John Smith body was first constructed - as you saw - in Team Year Zero. If you're asking how old John appears to be, I suppose the answer is subject to interpretation, but I'd say about 35.

5. Which Karen? Karen Beecher and Karen Conlin were both born in 1995. Karen, the genomorph-troll was born in 2009.

Response recorded on February 23, 2022