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Crossoverparinglover writes...

I've never seen this answered before, but the votes in Agendas, how did they line up?

I've always been curious how close, say, Dr. Fate and Billy B were to being expelled, or how far say, Rocket was from league membership.

(If that level of exacts is too much, be free to just specify who was close and who was a blow out one way or another)

I know that of the stuff we don't get shown in Eps 25 that Blue Devil apparently did get nominated but turned the invitation down, but I'm curious on more. That scene's always one that has stuck around with fans and is endlessly fascinating.

Greg responds...

Blue Devil was nominated but didn't get enough votes to make the cut in Team Year Zero. Obviously, he did subsequently.

Otherwise, I think there was surprising unanimity on all candidates. I'm not saying that every candidate got the EXACT same amount of votes from the exact same people. But there were no big divides on any of them.

Response recorded on February 25, 2022