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Crossoverparinglover writes...

Do any of the 'fictional cities', such as Gotham, Metropolis, and Dakota, have major sports teams? Such cities in fiction are often shown with their own hockey, baseball, basketball, or American Football teams and I'm curious if you ever thought of that.

If they do exist, are the respective sports league larger or do they replace an existing team?

Greg responds...

1. In fact, we have given some thought to that. I should answer with no spoilers, but I'll just simply say the answer to your question is yes. But I'll provide no further details for now.

2. I'm going to say the Leagues are larger, i.e. have more teams, because I wouldn't want to take away a real world team to replace it with a fictional world team. So we'd just add on. (In even numbers.)

Response recorded on February 28, 2022