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walkie writes...

Hi, wanted to say that I'm a big fan of YJ!

My questions mostly relate to season 3 continuity stuff, specifically the whole Batman reading Slade's micro expressions thing, and more specifically Atremis's knowledge of it.
She said that "we" have known since before they found her, implying that Nightwing/Batman told her what batman had seen. Does that mean that she was aware of the whole anti-light thing too, and if so was she made aware specifically because of that reason? (since she didn't know that Nightwing was talking to Oracle in the first episode, I assume she wasn't aware of it at that time, and since she's never named among the conspirators). Also, if she didn't know, did she just get told that Tara is a mole because Batman saw Slade's micro expressions so without asking why Batman was involved with Tara in the first place? And where was she during the episode where Jefferson basically blew the lid on the whole plot? I assume that if she wasn't already fully aware of the whole plot, she was made so before the full reveal to the rest of the team and league at the end of the season?

Sorry for the long paragraph, I just have been unsure on the depth and duration of Artemis' knowledge of the whole anti-light thing for a while.

Greg responds...

1. No. Artemis didn't know about the Anti-Light. But it's not surprising for her to hear that Batman told Nightwing something useful.

2. No one thought Batman went out of business. The fact that he was on Santa Prisca, investigating the League of Shadows' new base fit with the cover story that he had quit the League.

3. She clearly knew by the time of the big meeting in the Watchtower, where Nightwing officially spilled the beans. Almost everyone knew by then. I'm not sure exactly when she found out, but it was sometime between when Jeff figured it out at the Premiere Building and when Nightwing made it official at the Watchtower.

Response recorded on March 03, 2022