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James writes...

Dear Greg,

My father and I recently started watching "Young Justice" and are enjoying it greatly.

I have a few questions:

1. I love the realistic depiction of powers; I do, however, have some questions about the Martians. I am a bit confused as to why Ms. Martian doesn't telepathically blast all her enemies at various points in the show--or why she doesn't telekinetically repel or control them all, similarly to how Parasite controlled Superboy. When fighting Slade on the Manta submarine, could she not, regardless of whether or not it would be advantageous, not force him to fall asleep or smash him repeatedly against a wall?
2. On a similar note, how do Rocket's powers exactly work? Could she defeat nearly anyone in a fight by enclosing them in a bubble (Superman, Batman, etc)? Obviously, the trick is to combat her with multiple opponents.
3. Is there a character who is considered the most central to the show; and why was the cast expanded so much in subsequent seasons?

Please continue the good work.


Greg responds...

1. I don't know how she could make him fall asleep. She could smash him against the wall repeatedly - assuming he didn't do something to stop her. He's a resourceful guy.

2. Her bubbles aren't completely impenetrable. Kinetic energy fuels them, but other types of energy can dismantle them.

3. Our original leads are central to the show. But we felt strongly that the world should keep moving. And so more characters appear all the time. (And we did quite a bit of expanding in the first season, as well. Keep in mind, we started with only three heroes: Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash. Everyone else came after.)

Response recorded on March 10, 2022