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Michael Broder writes...

When did Artemis and Wally get Brucely?
How did Lucas Carr become associated with the Team?
Why is Scarab incompatible with boom tubes and Apokoliptan tech?
How did Jim learn he was a clone?
What did Superboy mean when he said he could "relate" to Appellaxian husk wanting to "end its pain?"
How is Icon familiar with intergalactic law?

Greg responds...

1. Team Year Four

2. Lucas was already associated with the League. If you're asking me to tell the story of how he specifically became involved with members of the Team in their super-hero capacity, that's not what ASK GREG is for. No spoilers.

3. Reach tech and Apokoliptan tech aren't compatible. Like American hairdryers and European electrical outlets.

4. Again, I'm not going to tell a story here.

5. Beyond the obvious that none of ever ask to be born, I'll leave that to your interpretation.

6. He's an alien and a lawyer. Do the math.

Response recorded on March 14, 2022