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Marvelman writes...

1) I'm really amazed that Artemis has a genuine interest in literature! She always struck me as the kind of person who would rather kick ass than engage in solitary intellectual pursuits. In season one, she shows little interest in reading. She was enrolled in comparative literature in season 2, but that is a major young people often choose when they have no idea what they want to do with their lives.

1) Was Artemis being a reader something that you had imagined pre-season one or is it something that developed over time?

2) Who are Artemis' five favourite living writers? Of any genre?

3) Who are Artemis' five favourite dead/historical writers? Of any genre?

4) Does Artemis dislike Milton? (I ask because I see him as being too elitist for Artemis' personality.)

5) Does Artemis have a specific field or era of interest? The field of comparative literature is rather large.

Greg responds...

1. I find it more telling about you that you are "really amazed Artemis has a genuine interest in literature!" You saw nothing in S1 that justifies the statement "she shows little interest," which implies somehow that we showed other characters showing much interests, which of course, we didn't. There just wasn't the screen time for it. So really what you should be saying is that we showed nothing at all about Artemis' academic interests, which is a fair statement. And again, I find your statement that Comparative Literature is a major chosen by people who have no idea what to do with their lives very judgmental. I majored in English, myself. I'm sure some English majors weren't sure what they were going to do with their lives, but others like myself, did. (I wanted to be a writer, in case that wasn't obvious. I also briefly flirted with the idea of being a professor but decided against it.)

2. I think we always thought she was a reader. But we always thought ALL of our characters were readers. In terms of her specific long-term secret identity career interests, pre-S1 we didn't have that planned out for anyone except Kaldur. But Brandon and I both believed that the Comp Lit track felt right and matched up what we knew about Artemis' character.

3. I'm not playing this game.

4. I like Milton. Not sure why she wouldn't. But I haven't put too much thought into her thoughts on this one specific writer.

5. Her dissertation, which she's still working on as of S4, is on Vietnamese literature and its resonance (or lack thereof) with archetypes in Western Culture. But her interests are wider.

Response recorded on March 16, 2022