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PERLITHA writes...

Hi Greg, I'm very happy for the new season of Young Justice

I have some questions

1) What does Lex Luthor think about Conner and Megan's wedding?

2) Did Conner or Megan consider inviting Lex to the wedding?
2a) If Lex wasn't invited, would he send him a wedding gift?

3) Why can you reveal Ed's sexual orientation but not Bart's? What is the difference between them?

4) Had Iris and Barry ever planned to tell Don that Bart is his future son? Iris looks very angry when Bart called him "dad"

I really loved when Artemis read the end of "Tale of Two cities" I almost cried, that was beautiful, congratulations to the person who had that idea.

Greg responds...

1. I doubt he was consulted.

2. No.

2a. You never know.

3. I don't know.

4. I'd say more annoyed than angry. Otherwise, no spoilers.

5. The idea to do that kind of thing was Brandon's. The idea to do "Tale of Two Cities" specifically in that episode was mine, I think. The execution of it was writer Brian Hohlfeld, and of course the amazing performance of it was Stephanie Lemelin's, under the direction of Jamie Thomason. So lots of credit to spread around.

Response recorded on March 21, 2022