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Anonymous writes...

1 So was there actually a mission where cassandra savage attempted to recruit killer croc? Or was that all fake
2 Was Joker the only one of the Injustice League unaware that he was a proxy because he stated in season 4 episode 7 that he was the only one out of the loop.
3 Since ma'alefa'ak was aware that Miss Martian knew his hideout. He should have known a counterattack was imminent after his virus bomb failed. Why did ma'alefa'ak remain in his underground hideout and not change location? He was almost captured as a result
4 Does lady shiva have any genuine affection for orphan?
5 Why did the light not consider killing joker after the injustice league incident so that he could not become a nuisance later like he became?

Greg responds...

1. Hard to know at this stage.

2. Just cuz he stated it, doesn't make it so. But it doesn't mean he's wrong either.

3. He did change location. That was a totally different cave, one without the big central throne.

4. She would think so. We might not define it as such.

5. He had been useful up to that point. He might prove useful again. You know how much Savage hates waste.

Response recorded on March 23, 2022