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Kayla O writes...

Hey Greg! I am doing my part to #SaveEarth16 by rewatching all of YJ for the umpteenth time while I *anxiously* await next week's episode (s4, episode 8). I'm sure you and your team are loving torturing us with the anticipation of weekly releases. Fantastic job well done to all involved in bringing back my and many's favorite shows!

Now, onto the questions.
1) For this Artemis arc, what inspired the references to classic literature? Stephanie has such a soulful voice during these voiceovers, especially for the end credits!

2) Did you intend for there to be parallels to Artemis's intro to the Team (and first showdown with Cheshire) by bringing back the Infiltrators Virus, double agents, and an excellent sisterly team up?

3) Were Dick and Barbara already together during that fateful mission to stop Joker at the UN?

4) Was there any discussion on a mass release of the season, or were you and Brandon set on a weekly release due to the need to digest all that will be taking place in the show?

Greg responds...

1. The inspiration was Artemis' chosen civilian occupation. And I agree with you. Stephanie's performance is truly wonderful.

2. Yep. We very much did.

3. No spoilers.

4. Brandon and I advocated strongly for a weekly release. It wasn't a hard sell, as HBOMax generally does weekly releases after an initial first week burst of multiple episodes. They originally wanted to release three or four episodes on the first day. We protested as loudly as we could manage, and all agreed to two episodes, instead.

Response recorded on March 23, 2022