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NoOneSpecial writes...

I literally just realized something. Now I could be wrong, but I don't think we have ever seen the Light (or any of the villains really) make use of Zeta Tube technology for themselves or have their own system in place. I know they have Father Boxes and everything, but given how resourceful the Light is, I know they could most definitely get a Zeta tube network one if they wanted. Have the Light ever used Zeta Tubes? Or do they rely solely on Father Boxes?

The fact the Light don't use Zeta Tubes at all seems like a very conscious detail on your part. Was that intentional?

Greg responds...

We've seen the Light - specifically Vandal - make some use of the League's system. But, no, they don't have their own independent Zeta-Tube system. I tend to agree that if they REALLY, REALLY wanted one, they could make it happen. But since they have access to the much more flexible Fatherboxes, there's been no need.

And I suppose it was a conscious decision on our part - but it has more to do with the above logic. If you've got something more advanced, you tend not to invest in something less advance. Unless, maybe, you're a collector of antiques. From the Light's standpoint, the League's Zeta-Network is antiquated.

Response recorded on March 25, 2022