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Anonymous writes...

1. So can we get a confirmation on whether Vandal Q Savage is his full name also does the Q stand for Killjoy?
2. I really liked the whole thing with Joker you did here also it's kinda hilarious that he didn't know for 8 years, now for the timeline to make sense does this mean 8 years from when they were recruited or from the incident.
3. Jason name drop was nice to hear I wonder why you would name him this episode and that red hooded ninja we saw on infinity island definitely suspicious I wonder what could that be.
4. I am really hoping for Jason vs Freddie this season granted the actual movie was just okay, but I would love to have this certain character have camaraderie and not die alone hopefully this wasn't complete gibberish ah well I suppose I can't help it, anyways can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
4. I really like your rendition of the Killing Joke and boy it really was a Killing Joke. Is there any particular reason you guys changed the design for Joker and If so what were your influences, I really liked that you guys brought back Brent Spiner his Joker is one that I would love to hate.

Greg responds...

1. It is not, and it does not.

2. I'm not clear on the difference. I guess the answer is both...?

3. We name him where it makes sense for the characters to name him.

4. You've lost me. Jason Todd and Freddy Freeman, maybe? (I mean I get it's a Voorhees/Krueger reference, but beyond that, I'm not following you.)

Second 4. Did the design change for the Joker between S1 and S4? If it did, it didn't change a hell of a lot.

Response recorded on March 29, 2022