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Anonymous writes...

1 Did m’comm genuinely think that his failed bomb attack was still a victory? Or was he just making excuses so that his followers wouldn’t lose faith
2 Why did poison ivy reveal the truth about the injustice league to the joker? What did she have to gain from turning the joker against the light?
3 Why did Lady Shiva show the Joker's video to orphan? Couldn’t she have just ordered her to kill him? It wouldn't really have mattered to her why she had to kill him anyway.
4 Why did orphan care that she crippled batgirl wasn’t killing people a thing she was raised to do since birth?
5 If lady Shiva wanted orphan back why did she wait so long to retrieve her?

Greg responds...

1. I feel safe leaving that to your interpretation.

2. I feel fine leaving that to your imagination.

3. An assassin always benefits from having more background intel.

4. Turns out she did care. Who knew that was gonna happen?

5. You make it sound easy. You also make it sound like she never tried before, which is not a given.

Response recorded on March 31, 2022