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Justin writes...

How did Paul react when he learn Garfield Logan was meta human ? During the time of the events of young justice outsiders how did Garfield Logan's Godfather Paul react after he learn Garfield had form his outsider superhero team ? How did Paul react he learn Garfield was dating Queen Perdita ? How did Paul react after he lean his boss Gretchen Goode was was a alien after Cyborg exposed her merging back her other self on tv ?

Greg responds...

1. He was stunned and appalled.

2. He openly questioned whether some of Gar's enemies might not attack the set.

3. He asked for an introduction to the Vlatavan Royal Family.

4. He locked himself in a closet for 72 hours.

1. Paul stated in the press that he knew it all the time.

2. He expressed pride.

3. He suggested he knew about their relationship before they did.

4. He had suspected as much.

Now, the question is... which set of answers is an April Fool's joke, and which is what really happened?

Response recorded on April 01, 2022