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Anonymous writes...

Hi Mr. Weisman, really love watching Phantoms and the fruits of your labor! I had a bit of a different question for you.

You said in the past that you were impressed with Avatar: The Last Airbender and you were planning on watching The Legend of Korra after.

1) What did you think about the sequel series? Particularly in relation to its predecessor?

2) I know you try to keep your own work original and you try to avoid taking outside ideas, but were there certain elements (story or character) from either Avatar:TLA or TLOK that you felt were interesting to use in your stories?

3) If you had an opportunity to work within that universe, would you craft a story with gambits that you're so famously known for or would you take a different direction than usual?

Thank you again. Young Justice and Avatar/Korra were large elements of my childhood and what stands out to me are the very strong themes, characters, and over-arching narrative. I feel pretty blessed to be part of a generation that could have not only enjoyed it but grew up with them as well.

Greg responds...

1. I haven't watched it yet. I watched Avatar with my son. Now, he's all grow'd up and living 3,000 miles away, and we don't have the same kind of time to sit together and watch an entire series. Still would like to someday.

2. I actively try not to think that way.

3. That's such a massive hypothetical, I don't even know how to answer it.

Response recorded on April 05, 2022