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Anonymous writes...

Dear Mr Weisman 1. Did Night wing forgive Orphan for what she Unintentionally did to Bat girl when they first met or does he have some resentment of her but is still mature about it? 2.How did Dubbilex, Jim, and everyone else in geranium city react when they herd about what happened to Superboy on mars? 3 . Does Brooklyn maine seem like an odd town to you as well? because apart From the Mayor Sheriff Maguire and the newsgirls the town seemed empty. most places in Brooklyn where closed Miss Rodriguez seemed to be the only patren in the library in the season 3 episode Brooklyn Maine was featured and (yes i know it can count as both a Newsboy legion and i. q. reforince as well) Gaby Gabrielli sead she had a study date with ''Big words'' before she corrected herself somthing about all of it seems odd to me

Greg responds...

1. He forgave her. Whether he doesn't have dark moments EVER, is another story. But he has forgiven her.

2. To the extent that we've shown you their mourning in tidbits, there you are. Beyond that, I'm fine leaving it to your imagination.

3. It was a cold winter night during the off-season, when businesses close early. The battle took place in a specific area, that was not residential. It wasn't meant to be odd, in any case.

Response recorded on April 12, 2022