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Verdragon writes...

On Deathstroke:
1. Why did you change Deathstroke's voice and design between Invasion and Outsiders (The latter moreso than the former considering actors are less static over the course of a half decade than character designs)?
2. Why, in-universe, did Deathstroke ditch his claymore between Invasion and Phantoms?

Greg responds...

1. The voice actor changed DURING Invasion. Not between seasons. The reason for that was simple: the original actor was no longer available to us. The second actor: Fred Tatisciore, did his best to double the original actor. And he's maintained that voice throughout Outsiders. If you're noticing a change between seasons, I gotta tell you, none of us (i.e., myself, Brandon, voice director Jamie Thomason, or Fred) would agree with you.

1a. I was never a fan of the ponytail, to be honest. Brandon and Phil outvoted me on it. But by the time we got to Outsiders, Phil had come around to my way of thinking. So we changed it. If we ever depicted a flashback to the Invasion era, we would, of course, use the ponytail again. But at some point, in our continuity, Slade decided to cut it off.

2. Did he?

Response recorded on April 14, 2022