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Clare Ionis Goat writes...

Regarding Cassandra's infiltration, I have some questions:

1. Why was she seen already using the Glamour Charm in the flashback fighting Onyx and later discussing with Lady Shiva about Onyx if the charm was part of the plan they concocted AFTER exchanging their concerns about Onyx? Why was Cassandra using it way before?
2. If they had to get the infiltrators back to Santa Prisca ASAP, why didn't Shade just teleport her along with the Lady Shiva and the others? If they didn't want a mole on the Team and had both things they were after - Orphan and the JL intel - why tell Tigress to bring Cassandra to Santa Prisca when they could have both things right there and then?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not sure you have the timeline right. Onyx overheard them talking long after they had any discussion about their concerns over her. But in any case, the plan for infiltration didn't have much to do with Onyx. That was an add on bit that worked to their advantage later. So the glamour charm - and the story about Killer Croc was put out there earlier.

2. You're giving Shade a lot of credit, and not giving much credit to Tigress and Cheshire, who would have defended Cassandra. Maybe Shade could've gotten her out. Maybe not. You're also assuming that Shiva knew that Cassandra already had the intel. That's not a safe assumption either.

Response recorded on May 03, 2022