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Anonymous writes...

Dear Mr weisman before i ask my questions i want to apologize for the spelling error as i meant to say Vandal Savage and the phantom stranger but hit a v instead of an s by mistake now for the questions 1 . How long as Zatanna been mentoring Mary Bromfield ? 2. How old is the Phantom stranger ? 3.I like the cute lizard that Traci has how long has she had him? 4 .Does Mary Bromfield wear a baseball cap (like Traci does) or a newsgirl cap ( like Gabi Gabriell does) when not in costume?

Greg responds...

1. Haven't locked in a specific start time, but not all that long.

2. Asked and answered.

3. A year or less.

4. You've seen her out of costume. Was she wearing a hat?

Response recorded on May 10, 2022