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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Forgive me if this sounds too insensitive or anything, but with the way that Beast Boy's storyline is being handled thus far in Season 4 of Young Justice, are you ultimately trying to deliver some kind of message to viewers about the importance of suicide prevention? The reason I am asking about this sensitive topic is because given that Beast Boy's depression has now been shown (as of the time of this posting) in "Odnu!" to have progressed to a point where he is now suffering from lack of sleep and needs medication to help him deal with it, I'm deeply worried that his depression may eventually drive him to the point of attempting to commit suicide because he can't deal with the culmination of the personal losses that have occurred throughout his life; with the apparent loss of Superboy apparently being the final straw for Beast Boy. To be fair though, if this is your intent, then I can understand because I have never seen a cartoon TV series that has ever publicly addressed this specific issue; as such, I suspect this is going to be a first if my suspicion about what might happen to Beast Boy turns out to be true. I do, however, remember watching a Static Shock episode years ago that addressed the issue of guns, and that was a pretty dark episode.

Greg responds...

Hopefully, you've continued to watch as Garfield's story has unfolded and as it continues to unfold throughout the rest of the season. This was really a story about someone suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress. But many issues were dealt with across it.

Response recorded on May 11, 2022